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Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors

Duration: 3 days
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Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors
In this three-day session you will learn all of the elements involved in traditional and operational risk-based auditing from the unique perspective of the in-charge position.

This course covers preliminary fieldwork, audit program development, COSO, risk assessment, and auditing the control environment in today's business climate.

With your peers, you will review such concepts as audit program flexibility, risk assessment, priority setting during fieldwork, and effective oral and written communications of audit findings.

  • Managing Fieldwork
    • Definition Of Internal Auditing
    • Why IA Must Add More Value
    • Fieldwork Management: In-Charge's Perspective
    • Fieldwork Methodology Tools
    • Workpaper Review
    • Evaluation Samples
    • Overview Of Professional Standards
  • Auditing Concepts: The In-Charge's Perspective
    • Responsibilities Of The IA Department
    • Operational Vs. Financial/Compliance Auditing
    • Essentials Of Operational Auditing
    • The Audit Triangles
    • Questions Every Audit Should Attempt To Answer
  • The Changing Control Environment
    • Concentration On Key Controls
    • Examples Of The Changing Control Environment
    • Hard Controls Validation
    • Balance Risks And Controls
    • Examples Of Entity-Level Controls To Audit
    • Corporate Governance Overview
    • Control Environment To Avoid
    • Impact Of Updated COSO
  • Marketing And Selling Internal Audit
    • Key Factors In Marketing And Selling The Audit Function
    • Building A Strategy That Includes All Team Members
  • Preliminary Fieldwork And Program
    • Critical Role Of Preliminary Work
    • Planning Throughout Fieldwork
    • Areas To Consider For A More Productive Audit
    • Building The Audit Program
    • Criteria For Audit Programs
    • Varying The Audit Program With The Audit Scope
  • Risk Assessment Strategies
    • Concentrating On Significant Risks
    • Risk Assessment Defined
    • Differentiating Enterprise-Wide Risk From Audit Universe Risk And Individual Audit Risk
    • Differentiating Inherent Risk And Residual Risk
    • Criteria For Effective Risk Assessment Strategy
    • Risk Environment
    • Trends In Risk Assessment
    • Four Assets Of All Auditor Departments
    • Gross Risk And Net Risk
    • Risk Matrix - A Tool To Manage Your Audits
    • Audit Level Risk Assessment Factors
    • Do's And Don'ts In ERM
  • Applying Project Management To Internal Audit
    • Project Approaches To Audit Teams
    • Key Factors To Successful Audit/Project Management
    • The Audit/Project Planning Process
    • Using Project Management To Effectively Plan Audits
    • Time Estimates
    • Common Workflow Planning Problems
    • Audit/Project Leader's Responsibilities
    • Resource Management
    • Guidelines And Examples Of Good Audit/Project Management
    • Time Management Improvement Issues
  • Fraud Awareness
    • Incorporating Fraud Risks Into Audit Planning
    • Fraud Risk Assessment
    • What Constitutes Fraud
    • Antifraud Mantra: Prevention And Timely Detection
    • What To Do When You Suspect Fraud
    • Professional Standard
    • Areas Of Fraud Occurrence
    • Indicators Of Potential Fraud
    • Proven Techniques For Preventing And Detecting Fraud
    • Auditing The Tone At The Top
  • Effective Communications
    • Do's And Don'ts Of Effective Meeting Management
    • Trends In Audit Report Formats
    • Executive Summary Options
    • Recommendation Options
    • Guidelines For Issuing More Timely Reports
    • Closing Conference Strategies Currently In Practice
  • High-Profile Case Studies - Lessons Learned
    • Madoff
    • Enron
    • Allied Irish Bank
    • Tyco
    • ImClone/Martha Stewart
    • WorldCom
    • HealthSouth
    • Others
  • Improving The Productivity Of The Audit Process
  • Incorporating Best Practices Throughout The Audit Department
Who Should Attend?
We recommend this seminar for Financial, Operational, Information Technology and External Auditors with two or more years of audit experience.

"A very thorough look at techniques and issues that auditors at any level should be aware of and have in their audit toolbox."
- Brian Bernardo, Auditor, Lockheed Martin
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Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits: CPE
All US States: 24
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Price: $2,195.00
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Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors 6/24/2019 Washington DC, DC $2,195.00
Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors 7/15/2019 Chicago, IL $2,195.00
Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors 8/19/2019 Boston, MA $2,195.00
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